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Supporting Organisations Through Behavioural Change

We are a boutique Behavioural Change consultancy. For the past 21 years we have worked with over 160 leading global organisations to help them manage behavioural change in their organisations. We use a tried and trusted process that delivers change where people are at the centre and positively engage with the behavioural change. We deliver results for small teams through to entire organisations.

Behavioural Change Training

There is a compelling reason that your organisation is undertaking a behavioural change programme. We deeply understand how people change. We develop a specific, bespoke series of interventions for you focused on supporting  your people through the change programme and reap the benefits of it. We are a boutique consultancy focused on delighting our clients with the results we deliver for them. Every client matters to us.

High Performing Team Development

The business world can be a complex place and as a result it can cause a lack of collaboration between teams. To deliver effectively in this highly complex world teams need to operate at the highest level. Based on our groundbreaking work on over 30 mega projects across the globe, we have developed an accelerated programme to get teams into the High Performing Zone faster.

Project Leadership Skills

Project leaders work in a different way from organisational leaders. They need different skills. Our Project Leadership Development Programme equips them with the skills needed to successfully lead major complex projects across organisations. Our programme has been developed based on our experiences on some of the most challenging/complex major capital projects across the globe over the past 14 years.



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