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High Performance is a delicately balanced business eco-system where the blend of Individual Skills, Team Performance and Organisation Culture come together in the correct way to deliver High Performance. We at Breakthrough Change are passionate about supporting the individuals, teams and organisations we work with in identifying and managing the changes that lead them to HIgh Performance.

Client Reviews:

"The use of 'Breakthrough' was absolutely fundamental in the development and maintenance of my direct reports helping them become a genuinely High Performing Team". Mr.C. Project Director.

"Breakthrough Change has enabled my leadership team to be recognised as a High Performing Team in a challenging and highly regulated nuclear environment where we have been recognised as setting the standard for Nuclear QC1 project delivery in the UK" Mr.B. Head of Commissioning.

"Breakthrough Change has helped me enormously in several different roles and on several different major projects by defining and implementing change management programmes to develop High Performing Project delivery teams". Mr.C Programme Manager.

"The ultimate benefit has been in relation to the delivery of the highly complex and important project. The support from Breakthrough has been a significant part of this deliverable and the methods, approach and professionalism of the organisation is, I believe, of great value to other major projects/organisations" Mr.H. Head of Delivery.

High Performance Teams:

We rarely find that the technical ability of the people on High Value Projects is the main cause of failure to deliver safely, on time and budget, more often it is the leadership, engagement and behaviours that cause the overruns & overspends. This is why, back in 2005, we set about building an approach to High Performance Teams that was practical, useful and focused on project teams in complex and demanding circumstances. Since then we have worked with 32 High Value Projects (projects with a value of $1BN or more).

Based on our findings over the past 10 years we believe the High Performance Team and High Performance Culture approach is an essential part of the mix that makes a high value projects and organisations succeed. This approach is not naturally occurring. Our data suggests that the best we can reach naturally is 59% of the desired approach. With Breakthrough High Performance approach, teams move to 72% of the desired approach in three months, and beyond 80% in six months which delivers the business benefits of High Performance.

With the quantity of existing research from McKinsey, IPA, et al predicting that 65% of High Value Projects fail to meet their desired outcomes, with the average overspend at 67%, and an average overrun of 7 months, High Value Projects need all the help and support they can get. We are experienced and ready to support your organisation or project by building your existing team into a High Performance Team or developing a High Performance Culture for your organisation.


Success Stories...

High Performance Team

HPT is our shorthand for the High Performance Team. We use the Breakthrough process of Challenge-Momentum-Growth, to kick start the High Performance that your project is capable of. The Breakthrough High Performance Team is a careful blend of team foundations, behaviours, leadership, engagement and conflict management learned in the field and backed up with the latest research. It works and is a highly practical process that delivers results.

High Performance Culture

Culture is what propels an organisation forward and delivers the organisations promise to both it's clients and it's employees. Getting the right culture is hard work and takes effort, however living with the wrong culture is much harder. With the Breakthrough High Performance Culture you will have more committed and loyal clients, more engaged and effective employees. Both of these deliver increased revenue and earnings per share. We have perfected our process to build a Breakthrough High Performance Culture for your organisation. Our process has been honed in the field over the past 17 years and is highly practical and effective.

High Performance Skills

We have a range of leading edge business and communication skills workshops that deliver the knowledge, skill and attitude that your managers and leaders need to build and maintain high performance teams and deliver the High Performance culture for your organisation.



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