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We rarely find that the technical ability of the people on MEGA Projects is the main cause of failure to deliver safely, on time and budget.

More often it is the leadership and communication behaviours that cause the failures/overruns/overspends.

This is why, back in 2005, we set about building an approach to High Performance Teams that was practical, useful and focused on project teams in complex and demanding circumstances.

Since then we have worked with 31 Mega Projects (projects with a value of $1BN or more).

We believe High Performance Behaviours are an essential part of the mix that makes a Mega Project succeed. These behaviours are not naturally occurring. Our data suggests that we can naturally reach 59% (as measured by our HPTQ™) of the desired behaviours when left to our own devices. With our help and support, teams move to 72% of the desired behaviours in three months, and beyond 80% in six months and into the High Performance zone.

With the quantity of existing research from McKinsey, IPA, et al predicting that 65% of Mega Projects fail to meet their desired outcomes, with the average overspend at 67%, and an average overrun of 7 months, Mega Projects need all the help and support they can get.

We are experienced and ready to support your project by building your existing team into a High Performance Team , unleashing the resulting business benefits that you need.


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We identify specific training requirements and confidence building measures that allow the employee to achieve a whole new level of performance.


Like unleashing a coiled spring, we help push through the confines that potential leaders find themselves in – often unknowingly.


We cast the necessary external eye over the organisation, honing in on the roadblocks to prioritise action steps that move everyone and everything in the right direction.

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