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44th Working Anniversary

As we approach the 10th November, I just realised it’s my 44th working anniversary. I started out as a Civil Servant on the 10th November 1975. It’s really made me think, I don’t feel old either physically or mentally, but I do think 44 years is a very long time.

The changes in the work place over the years, for the most part they have been pretty good. Things such as photocopiers, fax machines, desk top computers, mobile phones, smart phones, Bluetooth, apps, iPhone, iWatch, iPods (you can tell I’m an Apple fan). The workplace itself, open plan offices, hot desks, Regus, We Work, so many choices. In hindsight it shows that things come and go and nothing lasts forever.

Am I happier?, it didn’t take me long to say yes! All these changes mean I have more control over my life, I’m way more connected to my friends and family and my workplace is wherever I can fire up my MacBook Pro (told you I am a fan) and get a Wi-Fi connection.

What do I miss, the nostalgic, end of an era things like, the tea boy George (who was at least 40 years of age), who would come round every morning and afternoon to bring you a hot cup of tea at your desk. The Directors dining room, where the Director had a hidden button he used to call the waiting staff to clear the crockery and bring the next course, weird how you remember these sort of things. Calling my boss Miss Roy or Mr. Halliday.

All in all it’s been a blast, mostly for the fantastic colleagues, bosses and clients I’ve had the pleasure and honour to work alongside. So time to look forward and here’s to the next 44 years!.



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