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Being the Employer of Choice

John Walsh

The UK is experiencing the lowest levels of unemployment in generations. This means organisations are finding it harder to recruit and retain talent. The answer is to become the employer of choice. So what does this mean and how do you do it. Everything done to recruit, retain, develop, reward and make people performforms a part of building an employer of choice brand. An example of an integrated approach would as follows:

  1. Use the business plan to inform step 1- workforce planning
  2. Develop a recruitment programme that delivers for the greater ‘employer of choice brand’
  3. Design an effective onboarding process including a world class induction
  4. Develop & implement a performance management system
  5. Design, develop and implement a training and development programme that equips people with the skills to: Train & develop, Coach, Mentor
  6. Develop a dynamic succession plan
  7. Align compensation and benefits with the ‘employer of choice brand’
  8. Develop a dynamic a critical skills gap analysis process.

Building an employer of choice brand is an eco system where all parts of the process must interconnect and compliment each other, it is not a pick and mix. It is long term, 2-5 years; it’snot an instant fix.

Winning organisations need to invest in building an ‘employer of choice brand’, yet few will. So why do winning organisations do it?To increase the organisations performance and productivity.

The investment in building a Talent Management Process will be repaid 10 times by the performance and productivity gains it will bring about, it is an investment in the future of your organisations results



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