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Brexit on My Mind-The effects on business

John Walsh

John Walsh Breakthrough

As the negotiation process of Brexit continues we find the UK in a state of paralysis. This is only natural as people and organisations are in a period of uncertainty. This means they will think very carefully about where they spend their money.

At Breakthrough we have a number of clients who are finding business a bit tough at the moment and an equal number of clients who are having strong performances.

So what’s the difference between these two groups? It comes down to two simple differences: Focus & Process. The successful groups are focussing on their business vision then their objectives and then their goals. They are breaking it down to small everyday manageable goals, which are more achievable and breed confidence, belief and motivation that they can be successful.

The second area of process is doing the right things consistently. By contrast the unsuccessful companies keep changing what they are doing, trying to find a “silver bullet” that will magically turn their business around. If we have some history in business we know what works and how to do it, the successful companies are doing this and doing it consistently.

As it is tough times they have to run the process longer to get the same results as in the past, but they have realised this and are sticking with what works.

As always Cash flow is king so stay focused on that, but Focus & Process are two good areas to look at in your business. Focus on what is achievable and stay on process and you will make it through the Brexit era unscathed.



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