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Learning Mental Toughness?

I wanted to share this with you, it’s a programme we have developed on Mental Toughness & Resilience. We’ve ran it with three organisations and I can’t believe the feedback and results it’s been achieving.
It came about as a result of one organisation sharing with us that they had hit peak level, their recruitment, induction and on-going training & support was excellent and they didn’t know how to squeeze more out of the business. Through talking with their staff we identified Mental Toughness & Resilience as a possible area to develop.
So in best change management fashion we set of designing, developing and running a pilot with two groups,  a control group and a group of poor performers. At the end of the programme both groups had improved performance in the 5-15% region, obviously very happy clients.
In the course of designing the programme we discovered the latest research and  the most practical, simple yet powerful tools to develop mental Toughness & Resilience. The programme is 3 x 3 hour workshops ran 30 days apart, which we ran in-house so minimising the time off the desk/floor.
Since the pilot late last year we have ran it with three very different organisations and the results across all three have been outstanding. As you can probably tell I’m buzzing about it, it is such a pleasure to run and to see people develop in front of your eyes is what we do the job for.
Thought I would share it.
Have a great day and hopefully.



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