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Summers Over

When the children are due back at school it always feels like summer is over. It makes me think about these last 4 months of our calendar year and what are we going to do with them? I always think of two choices, either end the year […]

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In Strange Times, Invest in Training & Development

What strange uncertain times we live in, Brexit, another election, unpredictability around us, so what do we do? In the past I noticed companies investing in the weird and wonderful from drumming lessons to acting lessons and during this fad frenzy the focus of equipping people with […]

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Team Development Programme Praise-Thank you

We had the pleasure of working with a local long established Hertfordshire family business on a team development programme for their showroom team. The programme started in January 2016 and concluded this week. The Director who commissioned the work was kind enough to send us the following note: “Hi […]

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Don’t Take Our Word for it-Client Reviews

We ran a couple of events in November/December last year and wanted to share the feedback. “Hi John, just wanted to personally thank you for the workshop that was well received by the team. We have a number of areas to reflect upon – which I am […]

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29102-The Magic Number

Like most people at the start of a new year I find it a great time to reflect on the past before setting out into the future. 2017 is my 31st year since I first started in L&D. I don’t know why I done it but I […]

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What our clients say about us-HPT Workshop

We recently ran a one day HPT workshop for a new client, they face many of the same challenges any team faces, we designed a workshop that focused on their specific challenges. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the client said:   “Hi John,I […]

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High Impact Communication-Personalise & Positivity

In today’s world we are bombarded with information, requests, sales pitches and so much more yet we probably only pay attention to around 3% of them. Why, well I am willing to bet you that the ones we pay attention to are the ones that are personalised […]

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The Edge of the Capitalist Universe?-Or is it our people that make difference

The Edge of the Capitalist Universe?-Or is it our people that make difference

Just thinking about the way businesses have evolved over the last century and nowadays when we invest in a product or service there always seems to be more than one alternative. From Mobile Phones to Banking Services to Automobiles to Computers, we seem to have a vast […]

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Building a Culture of Feedback

Feedback and the ability to give and receive it are essential to engagement and delivering business results. The act of giving feedback helps people to improve on something making it either more efficient, faster or more fun or indeed all three. The art however is giving feedback […]

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Positive Mental Energy

POSITIVE MENTAL ENERGY At the risk of being opportunist, the recurring theme at the Rio Olympics seems to be Mental Toughness or Quality of Mind. Every time a GB team is mentioned the commentators, coaches and ex-Olympians all say the same thing. “not only is this team/person […]

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