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High Impact Communication-Personalise & Positivity

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In today’s world we are bombarded with information, requests, sales pitches and so much more yet we probably only pay attention to around 3% of them. Why, well I am willing to bet you that the ones we pay attention to are the ones that are personalised to us, we know people are talking to us, it might be the use of our name and the fact that they are talking about something that interests us but we just know they are talking to us.

The second aspect is the balance of their language, they will have a content that has a positivity ratio of around P4:N1,  4 times positive to each negative word. At a subconscious level this ratio helps us to build relationships.

We need these two aspects of personalise and  positive language to engage us and make us want to respond to the communication, without them you will walk on by. If both of these are in place you will see a lift in your customer engagement and response to your communications with them.

It can’t be that simple, give it a try and find out, I dare you.

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