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Why Mental Toughness & Resilience are needed now more than ever

Hi All, As we see some of the biggest changes we have ever had to live through across most areas of our lives, it’s no wonder that for some people this is a difficult time. We have been working with clients during lockdown on how to support […]

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44th Working Anniversary

As we approach the 10th November, I just realised it’s my 44th working anniversary. I started out as a Civil Servant on the 10th November 1975. It’s really made me think, I don’t feel old either physically or mentally, but I do think 44 years is a […]

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Bending the Knee in Belfast

Just had an excellent week in Belfast with another cohort of FinTrU graduates taking them through the Certificate in Know Your Customer & Customer Due Diligence. Lucky for me the GOT touring exhibition was on and I managed to bag a ticket as you can see from […]

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Behavioural Change in 66 days

According to Phillipa Lally, Health Psychology Researcher at UCL published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. “On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary […]

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Customer Care Training Workshop

  I’m just heading up to Southport today in preparation for a Customer Care workshop for the Holiday Parks & Caravan industry. I’m always reminded of how the service standards have risen in the UK over the past 30 years and we have, in the main, some […]

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Real Life-Advanced Negotiation Skills

Just ran a cracking two days on Advanced Negotiation for a Regional Building Suppliers  team of category buyers. Made use of role play actors and advanced video techniques using unobtrusive cameras and mixing enabling us to focus on both people at the same time to monitor reactions […]

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Being the Employer of Choice

The UK is experiencing the lowest levels of unemployment in generations. This means organisations are finding it harder to recruit and retain talent. The answer is to become the employer of choice. So what does this mean and how do you do it. Everything done to recruit, […]

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Can you learn to be Mentally Tough?

You have recruited, inducted, trained and coached your team and the results are coming through, you are happy with performance levels, but you know you must keep moving forward, where do you go to next to improve your people’s performance further? This was the question we were […]

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Learning Mental Toughness?

I wanted to share this with you, it’s a programme we have developed on Mental Toughness & Resilience. We’ve ran it with three organisations and I can’t believe the feedback and results it’s been achieving. It came about as a result of one organisation sharing with us […]

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Developing Project Leaders

   “The Clock is Ticking Faster: Time is Compressed” The aim of this discussion paper is to highlight the real differences between ‘Functional Leaders’ and ‘Project Leaders’ and debate how to develop the specific skills required of ‘Project Leaders’ that best equip them to survive and ultimately […]

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