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The Right Stuff-How doing the right stuff can make you mentally tougher

“The Right Stuff” Mental Toughness & Resilience Experiential Workshop The Challenge Modern working life constantly throws challenges, stressors and pressure at us. Our ability to cope with these and manage our way through is often referred to as “Mental Toughness & Resilience”. A mentally tough individual sees challenge […]

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Brexit on My Mind-The effects on business

As the negotiation process of Brexit continues we find the UK in a state of paralysis. This is only natural as people and organisations are in a period of uncertainty. This means they will think very carefully about where they spend their money. At Breakthrough we have […]

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The Right Stuff-How developing the right habits delivers superior results

  We have been developing an exciting new programme called “The Right Stuff”. When I thought of this statement it reminded me of the excellent movie made about the early days of NASA and flight experimentation to break the sound barrier, that title suggested we needed to […]

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The Leaders Voice Goes a Long Way

John Walsh, Breakthrough Of all the voices in a business the one that carries the most influence is the leader. The rest of the people in the business will notice how the leader is talking and act as if this is true. Why is this so important […]

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

We were asked by the UK’s fastest expanding  trade only builders merchant group to develop a workshop for their buying team that would test, stretch and develop their senior buyers negotiation skills. The team were buying goods for re-sale and so it was crucial that they maximise the […]

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Culture Change 101

Autumn is always a time for reflection at Breakthrough, and as we look back over the past year a few truths have unfolded that we want to share with you. One client, in the banking sector in the Middle East, was looking at a rapidly changing market […]

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Summers Over

When the children are due back at school it always feels like summer is over. It makes me think about these last 4 months of our calendar year and what are we going to do with them? I always think of two choices, either end the year […]

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Sales Training for the 21st Century

Selling is the life blood of an organisation, you might have the best product or service in the universe but without sales the business will fail. However the world is a fast paced changing place and gone are the days of slick, sleazy pressurised sales techniques, with […]

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In Strange Times, Invest in Training & Development

What strange uncertain times we live in, Brexit, another election, unpredictability around us, so what do we do? In the past I noticed companies investing in the weird and wonderful from drumming lessons to acting lessons and during this fad frenzy the focus of equipping people with […]

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So You Want To Be a High Performance Team?

We had a fabulous workshop on Friday the 24th March 2017 at the Institute of Education  Bedford Way London. The aim of the day was to share the insights gained over the past 12 years where we have worked on 43 major projects helping to support them […]

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