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3 Steps to Sharing Information-How to Sparkle

The 4 typical areas we share information in an organisation are around: FINANCIAL: How your area is doing monthly, quarterly or whatever is needed for your industry. Also we have updates on how the organisation is doing overall OPERATING PERFORMANCE: Both local and organisation wide but the […]

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3 Steps to Building Trusting relationships

When Dale Carnegie first wrote “How to win friends and influence people” back in the 1950’s it seemed ground breaking and now in 2016 it may not seem as ground breaking but how many people you know truly show interest in others. How many people you know […]

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The Biggest Predictor of High Performance in a Team is the Social Cohesion

Teams work at two levels, the one we all recognise automatically is the Task Cohesion, this is the job, it’s the objectives and goals that guide our daily activity. What gets us through the tough times, challenges or opportunities is the Social Cohesion. Social Cohesion is the […]

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Wellbeing at Work

According to the CIPD most recent paper on well-being at work they see well-being as the connector between culture, leadership and Engagement. The view is simple, if we have in place the right culture and leadership and we care about the wellbeing of our employees we will […]

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Back to work….Safely

Another year another set of challenges, but often the biggest challenge we face on a busy project is maintaining our focus on safety. So first day back after the New Year were honoured to be part of the SHELL safety conference for the Bacton Rejuvination Project. The […]

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What Makes a High Performance Team?

What Makes a High Performance Team? Three things: Commitment, Accountability & Skills. Commitment to the team is driven by seven interrelated aspects: 1.Vision: clear simple and easy to understand and be a part of. 2.Purpose: Understanding why this team exists, what it is here for 3.Goals: clear, measurable well […]

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Culture Change – Why change and where to start?

Over the years at Breakthrough we have supported a number of organisations in helping them change their culture. We often find organisations start with asking Why change, do we need to. Often when the business is successful there is a denial going on based on the belief […]

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Brain Friendly Selling or Helping Your Customers to Buy

Brain Friendly Selling  or Helping Your Customers to Buy

It’s all about helping customers to buy Research into how the brain works in terms of our thinking by the late Ned Hermann revealed that we have four areas of the brain where we think. The front left cortex for Analysing, the front right cortex for Creating, […]

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Achieving Sales Targets-Mental Toughness

Achieving Sales Targets-Mental Toughness

Achieving your sales target Achieving your sales target is all about mental toughness, you might have the right sales process,  and you are actually following it, you might have the experience and the right sales skills, but ultimately it will be your mental toughness that gets you over the […]

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20 Glorious Years-Holiday Home Parks

20 Glorious Years Where does the time go, in 1995 I took my first steps onto a Holiday Home Park to coach the team in Telephone Sales Training, little did I know that was the start of a 20 year love affair with the industry. After this […]

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