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Negotiation Colombian Style-The High Performance Negotiator

Why be ordinary when you can be High Performing? I was invited to deliver the keynote speech on “The High Performance Negotiator” at the IPG Conference in Bogota, Colombia and what a wonderful event it was. The professionalism of the hosts and attendees was very high and the wide […]

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New Year, New Challenges

As a new year starts we will no doubt have new challenges, one of the biggest challenges is maintaing our focus on safety after the holiday break. We were delighted and honoured to be part of the SHELL back to work safety day at Bacton. It was […]

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When should we Negotiate-using the communication Hierarchy

So when should we negotiate? Negotiating is one of the key skills we have available to us as business professionals, but when should we negotiate? Think of communication as a hierarchy: We start by having an outcome we desire, the first level of communication skill is simply […]

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We will never get this day again-so make the most of it

I was out running last night and started to think about taking the shortcut home, then I had this illuminating thought that I will never get this day again, it made me take the long way home. It also made me think about the impact we have […]

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Be a High Performance Negotiator-Why be ordinary?

What’s the difference between a Negotiator and a High Performance Negotiator? 1. Preparation A High Performance Negotiator is systematic, consistent and thorough in their preparation. Even before they set foot in the room, they are knowledgeable, have options and have a communication plan to direct, manage and […]

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Negotiation-The most measurable of business skills

The Four Step Process to becoming a High Performance Negotiator Negotiation is without doubt  the most measurable business skills that we use. Being a High Performance Negotiator brings great rewards for our business that can be valued. Often in challenging economic times business look to reduce overhead […]

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We have to break old habits to get new ones

The celebrated Chinese artist Ai Weiwei used these photographs to illustrate the point that sometimes we need to break the past to embrace the future. It got me thinking about some of our behaviours and how they are counter to our success in business. When we have […]

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Global Reach-Bringing “The Breakthrough Effect” to a place near you.

We are delighted to share our consultant locations and say that we can now bring “The Breakthrough Effect” to a location near you. With 59 consultants in 12 countries speaking 11 languages, we are on a mission to help more clients bring High Performance to their organisations.

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Welcome to Success (0r……if this is what success means…..)

Welcome to Success (Or……if this is what success means…..) John Walsh, Managing Director, Breakthrough Change Management We have been working with a Project team for over 19 months now and I am pleased to say they are operating as a High Performance Team. The change occurred about […]

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The only person that can make you feel bad about you is……. you!

The only person that can make you feel bad about you is……. you! John Walsh, Managing Director, Breakthrough Change Management Ltd I was working with a client yesterday and as she shared her experience at work about how her line manager was behaving in a way that […]

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