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Making Data Come Alive-How to get your point over

Challenge: When faced with a complex or large amount of data/financial information to present to senior managers and colleagues presentations can often come across with too much detail, dull and un-engaging. Yet the information you are providing is essential. So how do you make it more interesting, more engaging and get audience members committed to using the information you have shared with them?

Solution: We have a developed a series of linked “Buzz” sessions aimed at building the skills of data/financial specialists to enable them to design, develop and present engaging and stimulating presentations. It is a mixture of using the correct design process and presentation behaviours.

Buzz session 1: (90 mins) Designing a Powerful Presentation


  • The audience and the message
  • What to include and what to leave out
  • How to design an engaging and stimulating presentation
  • Preparing for success
  • Top 10 musts
  • Top 10 must not

Buzz session 2: (90 mins) Engaging Presentations


  • Engaging behaviours
  • Audience state management
  • Design elements that engage
  • Managing audience interaction
  • Top 5 best behaviours
  • Top 5 worst behaviours

Buzz session 3: (90 mins) Practice Makes Perfect


  • Setting up for success
  • Practice sessions with review
  • How to test it out
  • Getting feedback
  • Building a continuous improvement loop

Audience:6-8 participants

Session style:It is a lively, engaging and stimulating session using a number of experiential and participative learning methods.



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