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Our Vision Mission & Values


Breakthrough Change exists to dismantle the barriers to personal and organisational change

Our Vision: To make breakthrough changes for our clients that give them an advantage. 

Our Mission:  Supporting our clients in managing the changes they face effectively.

There is no cookie cutter approach, each client and their challenges are unique, each client needs an approach focused on their needs.

That’s what we do best we build a change programme that works for the specific needs of each of our clients.

Our Values:


Client & Results



The client is always first in out thinking and behaviours and takes priority always. We listen and guide our clients to their desired outcomes.

We are focused 100% on our client’s outcomes

Behaviour Changing We help our clients define the behaviours they need to meet their vision & goals. We help their people to adopt the behaviours. We manage the behaviour change with people
Positive We focus on the positive whilst aware of the negative

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