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Positive Mental Energy

Positive Mental Energy

Positive Mental Energy


At the risk of being opportunist, the recurring theme at the Rio Olympics seems to be Mental Toughness or Quality of Mind. Every time a GB team is mentioned the commentators, coaches and ex-Olympians all say the same thing.

“not only is this team/person physically prepared, but they have the mental strength to win”

It brings up an old topic I was first introduced to in 1982, we called it Positive Mental Attitude, PMA for short. We were introduced to it at an in-depth, comprehensive and excellent session during our two week sales training event. The moment I heard about it, it made total sense to me. The fact that our thinking can change our behaviour can change our world, WOW! what a thought, what a chain reaction. Over the years I have relied upon PMA to achieve some of the greatest results of my career and personal life.

As the years progressed PMA became more accepted as a tool to enhance performance be it in business or in private life.

So what is PMA, well let’s dig a little bit deeper and think about the work of Sydney Banks, Sydney put forward the idea of the Three Principles:

The Principle of Thought: The energy that forms perceptions about our moment to moment experience

The Principle of Consciousness: The energy that brings to life your perceptions

The Principle of Mind: The energy that creates the reality we see in every moment.

When you think of these, they make simple common sense. The energy of thought, that energy can be used to create the best of things in life or the worst, depending on how we use that energy!

Too simple, think about it, if you have an important proposal to write and you keep putting it off, thinking “I’m not sure how to start it”, you are using your mental energy to create physical avoiding energy, avoiding something that you have the knowledge and skill to do, the choice we can make is to say “I will start it right away” and you then create the physical positive mental energy to create the physical energy to make a start on the proposal. Still to simple, imagine thinking it’s us that make it complicated.

We have a simple acronym that helps us to manage our Positive Mental Energy:

A.O.K- Awareness-Options-Keep Focus

Awareness is all about being aware where our mental energy is leading us

Options are a range of practical, simple tools and techqniques that keep our mental energy pointing in the desired direction

Keep Focus: Stay on target, stay focussed on the desired outcome.

So back to the Olympics, all those great GB athletes that have won a medal, not matter what colour, Gold Silver or Bronze have showed they have the right Positive Mental Energy to stay focussed and get what they desired. It is inspiring and motivates us all to achieve way more than we can ever imagine, as long as we have put the hard work in first.

For more on how to manage your Mental Energy contact me and get the desired outcomes you want.

Stay Focussed John



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