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Sales Training for the 21st Century

John Walsh Breakthrough

John Walsh Breakthrough

Selling is the life blood of an organisation, you might have the best product or service in the universe but without sales the business will fail. However the world is a fast paced changing place and gone are the days of slick, sleazy pressurised sales techniques, with so much information at our fingertips instantly, we as consumers can check the facts as fast if not sometimes faster than the sales person we are with. So whats the new way to sell in the 21st century, it comes down to three simple things:

Authenticity, Professionalism & Trust

Authenticity is all about transparency and truth, remember all that information at our finger tips so we need to know the provenance of the goods or service we are buying. Over the past 3 years we have been working with a financial advice company who list all their staff online with biographies and experience which means we can see that the person we are dealing with has the relevant experience. In a similar but somewhat different vein the butchers we use, tell us that their beef is from their own grass fed Aberdeen Angus cattle which live on the farm behind the butchers shop. We can see them and know that it is indeed authentic.

Professionalism starts with knowledge , know your stuff about your product market and customers, be able to answer every question, build your product knowledge. Preparation is also important, bring a pen, paper, computer, whatever tools you need have them with you. We once had a decorator who kept disappearing every time he needed brushes, thinners, masking tape whatever! he didn’t last long. Appearance, look like you are supposed to, the same decorator was covered in paint, didn’t give us much hope as we wanted the paint on the wall not him or our carpet. The financial adviser we use does come in a suit and looks very smart, our marketing company look slightly trendy and casual as we expect. As long as we are well groomed and look like what is expected of us that’s what counts, it should match people’s expectations. Behave in an appropriate professional way, turn up when you say you will, do the things you said you would on time and charge what you said you would. Polite, friendly and approachable. Part of behaviour is asking for the business, once you have presented your goods and services ask for the business, people expect it and if you are right for them at that time they will say yes, if you’re not right at that time they may say yes later, but always ask.

Trust, If you get both of the above right, you will have trust, the people will respect that you look, sound and act the way you should for your given profession. You are authenticity and professionalism makes people more likely to trust and therefore buy your goods or services.

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