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The Leaders Voice Goes a Long Way

John Walsh

John Walsh, Breakthrough

Of all the voices in a business the one that carries the most influence is the leader. The rest of the people in the business will notice how the leader is talking and act as if this is true.

Why is this so important at this time? At the moment most small and medium sized businesses in the UK have statistics and news battering them everyday about, BREXIT, GDPR (new data protection rules) inflation, slow growth etc. etc.

All this negativity can have an effect on our own beliefs and if we are not careful and put things into perspective we can start to talk in the same way to our colleagues, creating a negative spiral of beliefs that sounds like business is tough, we are in trouble and could fail! The effect of this on our colleagues is low morale, lower performance as a result and higher staff turnover.

So what’s the answer?

  1. It’s about us acknowledging that we are leaders; people listen to us and take action based on what we say and how we say it.
  2. Analysing your data on past performance, if you don’t have any start collecting it now.
  3. Identifying your specific business trends based on facts and data
  4. Always putting things in perspective, compare the news to how your organisation is doing, current sales performance, future order book and opportunities you have
  5. Think about what you are going to say, don’t react knee jerk style
  6. Choose carefully who you can talk negatively to
  7. Phrase your words positively but don’t be false

If you follow these simple rules you will be thoughtful, balanced, considered and confident in your view, which makes you sound like a true leader.







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