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The Right Stuff-How developing the right habits delivers superior results

John Walsh

John Walsh


We have been developing an exciting new programme called “The Right Stuff”. When I thought of this statement it reminded me of the excellent movie made about the early days of NASA and flight experimentation to break the sound barrier, that title suggested we needed to have the right stuff. Now at first I kind of agreed with this, that if we have the right stuff we will deliver results. On closer inspection and a after bit of quality thinking time, I realised it wasn’t being born with the right stuff that matters, it is doing the right stuff that matters. The biggest difference here is that everyone can do the right stuff for them and their circumstances, were as only a few might be born with the right stuff. As teacher from my past once asked us “have you ever met a born Doctor or a born Pilot” thankfully the answer was no, both my doctor and the many pilots I have had the pleasure to fly with have gone through plenty of training to enable them to deliver babies and passengers.

So to our new programme “The Right Stuff” it is a three module programme based at stimulating thought and equipping the participants with practical tools and techniques to identify the right stuff for them to do to enable them to deliver superior business results.

It is of course based on the latest, sound research on the subjects of peak performance in managing our thinking, managing our bodies and managing our communication. So far the results have been outstanding.

The full results will be published in June so watch this space.




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