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The Right Stuff-How doing the right stuff can make you mentally tougher

“The Right Stuff”

Mental Toughness & Resilience Experiential Workshop

The Challenge

Modern working life constantly throws challenges, stressors and pressure at us. Our ability to cope with these and manage our way through is often referred to as “Mental Toughness & Resilience”. A mentally tough individual sees challenge and adversity as an opportunity not a threat, they have the confidence and positive approach to deal with what ever comes their way.Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from difficulties quickly.Both mental toughness and resilience can be learned through experiential learning, development and coaching. The need to learn these skills, in a world where everyone experiences change, challenge and pressure more often and quicker than ever before, is critical to an individual’s and organisation’s ability to consistently operate at a high performance level.

By developing people’s mental toughness and resilience we achieve:

  •  Better performance
  •  Better wellbeing
  •  Positive behaviours

The Solution

We created a new practical and dynamic programme, based on the latest research on mental toughness and resilience. We have identified the “Right Stuff” that high performers do consistently to maintain their mental toughness and resilience enabling them to deliver their objectives time and time again. Against common beliefs, this is not something we are born with; it’s something we can learn. It’s not having the “Right Stuff” it’s doing the “Right Stuff” that counts. The programme is delivered as either: three x 3-hour modules each 30 days apart or as a 1.5-day workshop:

  1. Bringing your A Game-How to prepare, physically & mentally for work to enable you to perform at your best everyday, deliver results and survive! It’s about having control over your life and your emotions and achieving the goals you set.
  2. Influencing Others-How to develop faster, deeper rapport, respect and trust with customers and colleagues and give and get more from each interaction. It’s about confidence in our own abilities and our interpersonal skills.
  3. True Grit-The focus is on how to keep going when the challenges are tough and the need to push through and not give up and achieve the results we desire, it’s for those “tough” days we all have. It’s about taking measured risks and learning from our past experiences.

It’s a highly practical, interactive and inspirational programme that builds the self-image, confidence and courage of the participants no matter what stage of their career. The feedback and results from previous workshops have been excellent with people taking more accountability for themselves and their performance.



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