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High Performance Skills


High Performance Business & Communication Skills

Why be ordinary when you can be High Performing. The skills needed to operate at a High Performance level include, informing, listening, influencing, networking, negotiating and managing conflict.

We have a range of High Performance business & communication skills workshops and programmes that support the development of your people’s knowledge, skill and attitude. Programmes that deliver measurable business results and lead your people to High Performance.

All our workshops are highly interactive, stimulating and enjoyable using the latest adult education principles that build memory retention which in turn aids workplace application. No more boring lectures and no endless games with no meaning. Our workshops are perfectly balanced with the right blend of theory, reflection, activity and pragmatism.

Here’s a list of some of the recent workshops we designed for our clients, we are able and ready to run them for you anywhere.

High Performance Business & Communication Skills

Advanced Negotiating Skills

Advanced Project Management Skills

Advanced Sales Skills

Building the High Performance Team

Closing the Sale

Coaching Skills

Customer Care

Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Advanced)

Influencing and Persuading

Insight Into People

Introduction to Coaching

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Sales

Leadership and Management

Management Development

Managing Appraisals

Managing Change

Managing Conflict

Managing Meetings

Managing Stress

Managing Teams

MBTI Understanding Personality Types

Motivating People

Negotiating Skills

Presentation Skills

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Recruitment & Selection

Sales Management

Sales Prospecting

Situational Leadership

Telephone Sales Skills

Writing Proposals that Sell

Written (E-mail) Communication Skills

Contact us to find out how our High Performance Business Skills can support your organisation.



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