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What is Company Culture?

 What is company culture?


Culture defines our organisations everyday business behaviours, it makes promises to our colleagues and customers alike. These behaviours must align with and underpin our company vision and customer promise. If they are in alignment we will deliver our vision and keep our customer promise. The alignment of behaviours and culture has to be managed, if left unmanaged we will appear disjointed and even dysfunctional in the eyes of our employees and customers. 

The collective behavior of our people , it includes the organisation vision, values, behaviours, language, procedures, branding and in particular habits”

Culture affects the way people and teams interact with each other and with our customers. All of the above are observable and measurable and have the ability to change and that change can be measured.

In a mature organisation we have to start by unlearning the behaviours/habits that are not in line with the desired organisation culture and replace them with behaviours that are aligned. To define the desired behaviours we need input from the leadership team on the organisational vision, mission & values, we also need the reasons for the change.

The people who most affect and perpetuate company culture are the leaders, starting at the very top. They act as role models for their direct reports who in turn act as role models to their direct reports and so on. An important aspect in changing an organisational culture is the ability to learn new behaviours and habits; we have two main ways of learning these:

  1. Role model behaviours
  2. Trial and error

Role modelling is by far the most effective and least risky, trial and error by its definition involves higher failure rates than role modelling. The role modelling must start at the top of the organisation with the leadership team and be highly visible, repeated and easy to follow. Once we have established role-model behaviours at leadership team level we can cascade through the organisation



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