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Why Mental Toughness & Resilience are needed now more than ever

John Walsh

Hi All,

As we see some of the biggest changes we have ever had to live through across most areas of our lives, it’s no wonder that for some people this is a difficult time. We have been working with clients during lockdown on how to support their staff from a mental toughness and resilience perspective.

As thoughts turn to a return to work and some sense of the new normal we need to help our staff to be equipped for this new world. We must create a safe space for them to share their thoughts and air any concerns they have. We must act on their concerns and involve them in the solutions that help to alleviate them.

We have to think more about how others are experiencing this upheaval, see things from their perspective, don’t judge or criticise but offer an ear to listen and help them take back some control over their lives.




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